DC3 Speakers Bureau

The story is changing about Detroit.  Many would say that the city’s creative community is a big part of the transition. This collection of voices is a reflection of that.  It’s tangible evidence that something special is happening; that something is growing. It’s not a re-start, it’s a refresh. Detroit has created its legacy around many things, one of which has always been the innovation of its creative community.  Music, architecture, design– these are all familiar trades.  We’ve endured some hard times, but the work of our creative community has been a consistent driving force. So don’t call it a comeback when they start saying we’re a global center for creative innovation- we’ve been doing this for years.

The Speakers Bureau is an initiative by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center to help establish a voice for Detroit’s creative community. This collective voice is that of many people and businesses who demonstrate forward progress in the city.  All of these individual entities have worked with or work alongside the DC3 in Detroit.  Maybe they’ve participated in the Creative Ventures Program or consulted with the DC3 staff on a location for their business.  Whatever the case, this is the story of Detroit’s forward movements through our lens.

What’s even more exciting is that the Speakers Bureau, aside from being a virtual storytelling portal on the web, will also take on real-life forms in a variety of exciting ways to create unique events, happenings and presentations that spread a well substantiated message about the city’s growth.