Detroit Design Festival

The Detroit Design Festival is North America’s festival of independent design.

Detroit’s role as a center of independent design runs deep: the result of design-driven industries, world-class educational facilities, the country’s highest quantities and concentrations of industrial and commercial designers and an inherent willingness to confront social challenges with honesty, integrity and forward thought.

DDF 2014

With these characteristics in mind, the Detroit Creative Corridor Center established the Detroit Design Festival to connect creatives with one another, introduce them to new markets and consumers, and expose Detroit’s creative talent and collective design aesthetic to national and global audiences.

Concentrated in Detroit’s Creative Corridor and featuring various neighborhoods throughout Detroit, the Detroit Design Festival is an aggregation of various partner and community planned and supported events, including but not limited to: product launches and shows, lectures, panel discussions, trunk shows, tours, open houses, retail happenings and design battles.

Detroit Design Festival consists of three phases: (1) info and brainstorming sessions; (2) an open call for designers to propose design related happenings and connect to community pledged resources and support; and (3) the official Detroit Design Festival program.

Detroit Design Festival is a user-generated and user-supported design festival. Designers submit proposals for various design happenings during an open call. The community pledges support, be it venues, volunteers, promotional support or resources during the open call to help realize proposals that the community identifies as being of local, national or international significance.

An Advisory Board consisting of primarily local design leaders provide strategic support and leadership, identifying practitioners and proposals that demonstrate significant potential and depth.

Community curators who work closely with the DC3 Talent Advancement team serve as de-facto project managers and creative directors for specific neighborhoods in Detroit, helping Design Happenings proposed in each neighborhood connect with each other, available resources, the programmatic experience, and offering promotional support.

The DC3 Talent Advancement team provides managerial oversight and high-level strategic / creative direction, ensuring the final program meets DC3 quality expectations, satisfies DC3 objectives and advances the DC3’s vision. #DDF2014.

Visit the Detroit Design Festival website here.

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