Business Attraction

Detroit has the assets to be a global center of design and creative innovation.  The talent.  The aesthetic.  The brand.  The environment.  The infrastructure.  The location.

The Detroit Creative Corridor Center is an economic development organization with a targeted purpose: connecting these assets to enhance the collective potential of Detroit’s creative community and grow Detroit’s creative economy.   We love working with hungry, growing, bold and innovative creative services firms who are looking to make a statement and grow their business in Detroit’s Creative Corridor.  We enjoy providing candid and objective counsel as to site selection, talent acquisition and, most importantly, opportunities for client development and opportunities to reach new markets and sales channels via a move to Detroit’s Creative Corridor.

We’re here to serve as your advocate, your sounding board, your liaison.  Working in close partnership with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, we’ll ensure you are connected to the right resources, counsel and networks that will enable you to grow and prosper in Detroit’s Creative Corridor.

Check out the info provided below to learn more about growing your creative services firm in Detroit’s Creative Corridor.  In a time crunch, then drop us a note to discuss the business case for moving your creative services firm to Detroit: